Course Manager's Update - Jim's Blog 14.3.14

Well, what a difference a week makes. For the first time in 3 months we have been able to go out and cut some fairways, tees and rough at long last.

The sand that was spread on the greens this week has now been brushed in by the greenstaff. There are a few small areas that need a little more sand to fill in the remaining coring holes left behind and this will be done by hand next week. All we need now is some rain to wash in the sand!

Next on the maintenance programme will be the summer tees. These will be hollow cored and top dressed with sand in the same way the greens were and will be back in play before the end of March. (5th tee included)

After this has been completed then it will be the aeration to the fairways and then we will be ready to begin our fertilization programme to all of the surfaces and to try and kick start some early season growth. 

It has  been suggested lately to organise a "divot party" were members volunteer alongside the greenstaff to go out and sand/seed the divots that have been taken over the winter. As you can imagine with the soft ground conditions some areas have been hit pretty hard over the last few weeks.

The idea would be to have two sesssions with the first one between 8am till 10.30am and the second session between 11am till 1.30pm. Light food and beverages will be provided by the club. If we were to gather around 15 to 20 volunteers then I am sure that all of the fairways would be divoted in one day and then this will allow the greenstaff to keep on top of the divoting for the next few months.

If you are interested, please contact myself by phone on 077 537 99079 or email

P.S. We are looking at possibly the 24th March. Please bring your own bucket!

Enjoy your golf.

Jim Gilchrist (course manager)