Course Manager's Update - Jim's Blog 21.2.14

​Hopefully we have seen the last of the heavy and persistent rain from the last 7 weeks or so and we are now approaching a period of normality in terms of the weather. It is essential that we can begin our Spring maintenance to the golf course as soon as possible.

Unfortunately the hollow coring (see pics) and topdressing that is scheduled for Monday 24th February has been cancelled due to the soft ground conditions and a "plan b" is currently being put in place by myself where we will carry out this work in-house and at different stages.

Once dates have been put in place a members notice will be emailed a.s.a.p.

For example:

Stage 1- Hollow core at a 4 inch depth to remove thatch from below the putting surface and remove cores by hand (2 days) and leave the holes that are left behind open for 1 week approx. 
Stage 2- Verti-cut the greens to remove more thatch from just below the putting surface.(1 day)
Stage 3- Topdress with sand and  brush into the holes weather permitting. (1 day)

Although this work will ultimately save money, it will however take a little longer to complete. I thank you in advance for your co-operation but I'm sure you will understand that we have just come out of the wettest spell of weather for a number of years and we need to adjust our maintenance practices accordingly.

By carrying out this work in stages the greens will have a better chance of drying out therefore allowing as much air as possible into the putting surface by leaving the holes open for a few days before topdressing with sand.  

On the subject of trolleys, on Wednesday 19th Feb a decision was made to allow pull and electric trolleys to be used along with a 90 degree rule which meant they must keep to the rough as much as possible for the next 5 days and this will be monitored on a daily basis. As the weather and ground conditions were improving slightly this was to allow certain members who cannot carry their bags and have not been able to play golf.

It has been very encouraging to see the amount of members who are still carrying their bags even with the 90 degree rule in place and I thank everyone for their co-operation on this. 

To date I have only seen one trolley on the course since Wednesday! 

The single seat and 2 seater buggies are still not allowed on the course due to the ground conditions at the moment. Hopefully this will change over the next week or so as the course dries out and becomes firmer.

The course is open today and on full greens although there are still some wet areas on the course and the greens still remain a little soft in places.

Saturday's competition is likely to go ahead on full greens also if the weather forecast is correct!

I would like to mention again that the last few weeks have been very frustrating for everyone, myself included and I appreciate the emails of support the greenstaff have received during this period as morale has been low at times. 

Let's hope this is the last of the poor weather and we can get on with our work and giving you a golf course to enjoy sooner rather than later.

Jim Gilchrist (course manager)