2Course Manager's Update - Jim's Blog 21.3.14

Two weeks ago who would have thought the greenstaff would be out hand watering the greens! After hollow coring and top dressing with sand there has been very little rain to help wash in the excess sand on the surface of the greens.

We have been out this week hosing the greens by hand with a little and often approach without making the greens too soft as you never know what weather is forecast in the coming weeks as it seems to change back and forth on a daily basis.

The greens are recovering well considering they were only top dressed Wednesday last week and the normal recovery time is 2 weeks.

The greenstaff have worked tirelessly in trying to get the greens back in play and to a reasonable standard over the last few days and I would also like to thank the members for their patience and understanding in what we have been trying to achieve lately in terms of the greens.

Hopefully we are over the worst of the extreme weather and from this moment on you will see a gradual improvement on the course in general as well as the greens.

There is a small possibility of a light frost over the next couple days but hopefully this will not have any affect on tomorrows medal.

A "divot party" has been organised for Monday and Tuesday next week and the arrangements are,

Monday 8am until 10.30 am. Meet on the 10th fairway and we will begin sand/seeding the divots from the 10th hole to the 18th hole. Food and beverages will be provided by the club afterwards. (I have been told this doesn't include alcohol, sorry!)

Tuesday 11am until 1.30pm. Meet on the 1st fairway and we will begin divoting from the 1st hole to the 9th hole. Again food and beverages will be provided by the club afterwards.

Buckets will be available if necessary.

I would like to thank the volunteers in advance who will be helping out even after the difficult few months you have experienced lately. 

Enjoy your golf.

Jim Gilchrist (course manager)