Course Manager's Update - Jim's Blog 6.6.14

Apologies for the lack of course emails recently but the last few weeks have been busy with holidays and bank holidays.

To give you an update of what we have been doing lately and the dreaded weather forecast for tomorrow's competition, if you played the course over the last 7 to 10 days you will have noticed that there is alot of grass around particularly the semi-rough.

At this time of year bank holidays are always a problem as we lose 1 day of the week on the course presentation and sometimes there is normally an Open of some description where we are not on the course after 9am which means we can lose almost a day and a half of cutting.

Recent rainfall (37 mm since Tuesday) has meant that the growth rate on the course has been very difficult to keep up with but the greenstaff have been doing there best under the circumstances.

In terms of the greens these have been growing at a rate where the difference in playing in the morning to the afternoon will be completely different. Those who have recently played any team matches after 3pm will have noticed this. Hopefully this will ease when the summer kicks in!

I have been fortunate to play two magnificent courses recently (Catalunya and Remedy Oak) and although they are fantastic venues with far bigger resources than we will ever have it was reassuring to see that these sort of places are experiencing the same problems that small members clubs like us are having to deal with at the moment and that is saturated areas, flooded bunkers and excessive growth. Sometimes it's not until you start to play courses elsewhere that you begin to think that things are not that bad and there is always someone worse off than yourself!

If the weather forecast is correct then the likelihood of tomorrow's competition being completed is very low. After a meeting with Stuart (Pro) we have decided to leave the decision to Saturday morning as sometimes the weather can change by the hour.

Enjoy your golf.

Jim Gilchrist (course manager)