Course Manager's Update - Jim's Blog 9.5.14

Not a great deal to report this week as the main priority over the last couple of weeks is trying to keep on top of the grass growth on the course.

May is always an awkward month due to the bank holidays, coupled with the high rate of growth this can be a little difficult to keep the course tidy and free of grass clippings as we only have 4 working days to prepare the course during these times. We have experienced some heavy downpours over the last few days which has helped us in terms of "watering in" fertilisers and topdressings to the greens, tees etc.

The forecast from the middle of next week is for drier conditions and temperatures reaching the mid twenties (factor 30 at the ready!) so hopefully this will allow us to enjoy the benefits of our spring maintenance work carried out over the last few weeks.

At this moment in time (Friday 12.20pm) the golf course is drying out fine after the heavy showers this week. Greens,tees and fairways etc have been cut and the bunkers have been raked several times. The only problem in terms of tomorrows medal is that there is some heavy showers forecast overnight and during the the day on Saturday. This means that there may be chance of the greens flooding at some point throughout tomorrow's competition although fingers crossed this will not be the case.

Don't put the waterproofs away just yet but keep the sun lotion handy!

Enjoy your golf.

Jim Gilchrist