Harborne Golf Club

Hi-lighted Committee Meeting Minutes - January 1916


Mr A Godlee in the chair, Messrs Carver, Adie, Ault, Riddell, Fleetwood, Curtis, Payton & King

Retrenchment Scheme

The Secretary reported that in pursuance of the Scheme he had circularised the Members and the Debenture Holders, and submitted copies of the letters he had sent out.

The Secretary submitted a letter from Mr Fleetwood enclosing copy of a Resolution passed by the Home Farm Ltd with reference to the Club’s request for a reduction of rent.  The Resolution asked that in consideration of the Home Farm agreeing to forego one third of the rent for the year ended 29 September 1916, the Club should undertake in the event of ceasing to use the premises and Club House for the purposes of golf to forthwith determine the existing sub-tenancies so as to give vacant possession to the landlords and in order to carry this into effect that they should give provisional notice to the farm tenant so that possession might be obtained not later than 29 September 1917.

The Secretary also submitted a letter from Mr Godlee stating that Mr Bliss’s Executors have very kindly agreed with him to the proposed one third reduction of rent for the year ended 29 September 1916, but asking for the provision to be made for immediate possession of the property as stipulated in the Home Farm Resolution.


That the conditions attaching to the concessions in each case be accepted and that the Secretary be instructed to inform the respective parties of the Club’s appreciation of their kind attitude.

Mr Fleetwood was requested to enquire if it was possible to get a reduction in rates in consequence of the rent reduction.

The Secretary reported that Mrs Taunton had notified him that the Ladies Club would give up their yearly grant of £15 but requested payment of £2 for prizes during the past year.  The Treasurer was authorised to make this payment.

Suspension of Entrance Fee

Resolved that in accordance with the authority of the General Meeting the entrance fee be waived in each of the above cases.


The resignations of Mrs Noon and Miss May Parker was accepted.

Letters of resignations were also received from Mr Lionel Spiers and Mr Richards dated 20 December1915 and 1 January 1916 respectively.  In each case the application was too late to be accepted but the Chairman arranged to write to Mr Spiers and Mr Curtis offered to see about Mr Richards’s resignation.


Arthur Godlee 

(The following letter was attached)

Dear Sir

Fourteen debenture holders representing approximately £1,000 attended the meeting whereby a statement was made on the financial position and on the Committee’s scheme for carrying on the Club was made to the meeting by the Hon Secretary.

After full discussion the meeting unanimously resolved to co-operate in the scheme and to recommend debenture holders to

a)      Assist by waiving interest on their debentures for the year ending 31 October 1916

b)      Agree to the issue of further debentures up to £400 ranking in all respects pari passu* with the £2,200 now in existence.

I may say that the above is part of a comprehensive scheme including concessions of rent by the landlords, the provision of £400 cash by the members, and the strictest economy in management.

The Annual meeting of Members was held on the 28th when the proposals were fully approved and £150 was subscribed from those present conditional upon each part of the scheme being successfully carried through.

I am also able to state that the landlords have most generously concurred in the arrangement.

Yours faithfully

G C King

*latin phrase for without partiality

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